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* uhd: added print constraints to makefile, and used directory variablerelease_003_002_001Josh Blum2011-07-291-4/+5
* uhd: incr minor, add date to images tag, add package target to makefileJosh Blum2011-07-293-2/+9
* usrp2: shutoff streaming using the stop bit (fix)Josh Blum2011-07-293-5/+6
* Merge branch 'atr_fix_fpga' into atr_fixrelease_003_002_000Josh Blum2011-07-2813-563/+196
| * time: register time output to help fpga timingMatt Ettus2011-07-281-2/+5
| * vrt: delay the late signal to help with timingMatt Ettus2011-07-281-5/+20
| * dsp: allow tx iq balance to be removed at compile timeMatt Ettus2011-07-281-23/+38
| * dsp: option to remove iq compensation at compile timeMatt Ettus2011-07-281-35/+40
| * time64: reverted mimo sync changes to time64Josh Blum2011-07-281-3/+1
| * u2/u2p: speed up time_64, and remove readbacks on simple_gemac wb regsMatt Ettus2011-07-282-11/+13
| * simple_gemac: remove old 19-bit wide wrapperMatt Ettus2011-07-284-402/+0
| * usrp2: remove old unused readback mux valueJosh Blum2011-07-282-2/+2
| * usrp2: bump minor version number for changesJosh Blum2011-07-282-2/+2
| * vita_rx_ctrl: use an extra cmd bit to signal stopJosh Blum2011-07-281-7/+7
| * usrp2: fixed swapped tx/rx signals for nsgpioJosh Blum2011-07-282-2/+2
| * simple_gemac: add parameter to allow disabling rx flow control at compile timeMatt Ettus2011-07-271-6/+10
| * u2/u2p: apply atr/gpio changes to u2pMatt Ettus2011-07-272-14/+7
| * atr: forgot to delete this lineMatt Ettus2011-07-271-1/+0
| * u2: redo the atr gpio pins, remove some old cruftMatt Ettus2011-07-272-52/+48
| * u2p: finish copying over serdes light fixMatt Ettus2011-07-221-2/+1
| * u2/u2p: further qualify the serdes link lightMatt Ettus2011-07-213-7/+13
* | usrp2: turn that message into an exception, require at least 7.1Josh Blum2011-07-281-5/+5
* | usrp2: adjusted mimo delay cycles for FPGA changesJosh Blum2011-07-281-1/+1
* | usrp2: remove hw config readback, not neededJosh Blum2011-07-282-9/+4
* | usrp: use a new cmd bit to signal stopJosh Blum2011-07-281-10/+11
* | usrp2: created new gpio core and used in dboard ifaceJosh Blum2011-07-276-91/+173
* | uhd: make spawn barrier a member of a task (see notes)Josh Blum2011-07-261-6/+8
* | usrp2: fix unintended change in last commitJosh Blum2011-07-261-1/+1
* | uhd: exit task on the catch-all exceptions, and dont print anythingJosh Blum2011-07-252-5/+8
* | uhd: fixed some warnings with gcc on macosxJosh Blum2011-07-252-2/+4
* | e100: perfer orc if available and dont build neon intrinsic supportJosh Blum2011-07-221-41/+48
* | uhd: added helpful UHD_VAR macro for debugging purposesJosh Blum2011-07-222-0/+7
* | uhd: replaced boost filesystem path with fs_path in property treeJosh Blum2011-07-2213-78/+137
* | uhd: added get_version_string and way to disable system info printJosh Blum2011-07-221-1/+7
* | usrp: update multi usrp header to use complete subdev specsJosh Blum2011-07-221-3/+3
* | usrp2: use the command function from card burner for net burner ifconfigJosh Blum2011-07-211-1/+12
* | usrp2: workaround for older boost thread sleepJosh Blum2011-07-201-0/+2
* | uhd: forward declare property tree in device so gnuradio swig cant complainJosh Blum2011-07-201-2/+3
* | uhd: add get_tree call directly to the deviceJosh Blum2011-07-208-3/+19
* | uhd: fix for images CMakeLists.txt to use the new modules directoryJosh Blum2011-07-191-1/+1
* | uhd: images build script chmod recursive, files onlyJosh Blum2011-07-191-1/+1
* | fpga: save the N2XX bit files into the images buildJosh Blum2011-07-191-4/+21
* | Merge branch 'new_work' into uhd_nextJosh Blum2011-07-190-0/+0
| * usrp2: split inspection logic into each relevant cycleJosh Blum2011-07-191-11/+35
| * appease the ISE godsMatt Ettus2011-07-195-2/+5
| * removed wb readback of ATR, allowing it to be synthesized as lutsMatt Ettus2011-07-192-4/+10
| * N200: detailed map report allows you to see what takes up too much spaceMatt Ettus2011-07-194-0/+4
| * dsp: reduce bitwidth to help timingMatt Ettus2011-07-191-4/+6
| * fpga: print timing report after generate bin fileJosh Blum2011-07-192-1/+34
| * dsp: reset the interpolator when the rate changes, to prevent oscillationMatt Ettus2011-07-191-7/+8