Use an RFM95 LoRa module connected to spidev0.0 as an AX.25 interface. The whole chain this code implements is:

AX.25 kernel interface - KISS protocol over a PTY pair - KISS protocol implementation - RFM95 driver - SPI


  • [ ] KISS protocol implementation
  • [ ] RFM95 send
  • [ ] RFM95 recv in polling mode
  • [ ] RFM95 recv in GPIO interrupt mode


Parts of this code are taken from the ax25-tools, which are GPL-2.0. Other parts are MIT or Apache 2.0 licensed.

New code is Copyright 2018 Matthias P. Braendli, GPL-2.0-only

Misc remarks

  1. (Not needed) To build with wiringpi in dev mode: cargo build --features wiringpi/development