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\texttt{-O file://filename?type=format}, where \texttt{format} is one of \verb+framed+, \verb+streamed+ or
+\section{Additional EDI TAGs used}
+ODR defined and uses two additional EDI TAGs, whose content is described here.
+ODR-AudioEnc inserts audio level metadata into the ``ODRa'' TAG. The TAG item is in the following format:
+ TAG Name="ODRa" [4 bytes]
+ Length=4 [4 bytes]
+ Left Audio Level [signed 16-bit integer]
+ Right Audio Level [signed 16-bit integer]
+The second EDI TAG ``ODRv'' contains version and uptime information for the EDI source.
+ TAG Name="ODRv" [4 bytes]
+ Length=N+4 [4 bytes]
+ Version [String of N bytes, UTF-8 encoded, not zero terminated]
+ Uptime [unsigned 32-bit integer representing number of seconds since program start]