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+# This script is called by Travis-CI to deploy
+# to github pages
+set -e
+# clear and re-create the out directory
+rm -rf out || exit 0;
+mkdir out
+# copy all output files to the out directory
+cp mmbtools.pdf out/
+# go to the out directory and create a *new* Git repo
+cd out
+git init
+git config user.name "Travis CI"
+git config user.email "Travis-CI@opendigitalradio.org"
+git add .
+git commit -m "Deploy to GitHub Pages"
+# Force push from the current repo's master branch to the remote
+# repo's gh-pages branch. (All previous history on the gh-pages branch
+# will be lost, since we are overwriting it.) We redirect any output to
+# /dev/null to hide any sensitive credential data that might otherwise be exposed.
+git push --force --quiet "https://${GH_TOKEN}@${GH_REF}" master:gh-pages > /dev/null 2>&1