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@@ -94,12 +94,14 @@ that are useful when setting up a transmission chain.
\smartdiagram[bubble diagram]{
- ODR-mmbTools,
+ ODR-\\ mmbTools,
- ODR-AudioEnc
+ ODR-\\ AudioEnc,
+ ODR-\\ SourceCompanion,
+ ODR-\\ EncoderManager
\caption{The family of ODR-mmbTools}
@@ -154,6 +156,16 @@ This encoder is able to generate programme-associated data (PAD) that can be
injected into ODR-AudioEnc. It supports reading and encoding Dynamic Label
Segment (DLS) from a text file, and reads images from a folder for MOT Slideshow.
+The ODR-EncoderManager presents a web-based interface that allows the user to
+create, manage and run audio and PAD encoders, and presents a HTTP API to update
+Dynamic Label Segment and Slides. One instance can handle several audio encoders
+simultaneously, and offers a simpler way to manage the audio encoding part of
+the \dabplus transmission chain.
+This tool allows using third party audio encoders with the ODR-mmbTools.
Etisnoop is not used in the broadcasting chain directly, but is an analysis tool
for ETI, described in the ETSI standard~\cite{etsidabeti}. ODR-DabMux can write