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@@ -146,13 +146,18 @@ synchronised to the clock time which is being transmitted by the multiplex to
which it has been tuned.
The system needs to run a NTP client that synchronises the system time over the
-network. Correct synchronisation can be checked using the \texttt{lpeers}
-command of the \texttt{ntpq} tool. The magnitude of the offset should be below
+network. Correct synchronisation can be checked using \texttt{chronyc tracking}
+or the the \texttt{lpeers} command of the \texttt{ntpq} tool, depending on if
+you use chrony or openntp.
+The magnitude of the offset should be below $10$\ms.
The performance of the NTP synchronisation should also be monitored permanently
during operation.
+ODR-DabMux can run a command at startup to verify if the NTP client is properly
+working, using the \texttt{startupcheck} setting. This can be used to call
+\texttt{ntp-wait} or \texttt{chronyc waitsync} to wait for proper NTP sync.
\subsection{Monitoring through SNMP}
There is ongoing work to make the monitoring of the tools possible using SNMP.
Please see \url{https://wiki.opendigitalradio.org/SNMP} for information about