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\paragraph{Remarks concerning the USRP B200}
-The USRP B200 is the device we are using most. It's performance is proven in a
-production environment, it supports the transmit synchronisation necessary for
-SFN and is robust enough for 24/7 operation.
+The USRP B200 depicted in figure~\ref{fig:usrp-b200} is the device we are using
+most. It's performance is proven in a production environment, it supports the
+transmit synchronisation necessary for SFN and is robust enough for 24/7
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[width=12em]{figures/USRP-B200.jpg}
+ \end{center}
+ \caption{Ettus USRP B200}
+ \label{fig:usrp-b200}
However, care has to be taken about the host system, especially about the USB
controller. Using USB~2.0 is not a problem for a DAB transmission, both USB~2.0