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Add a diagram of all tools, add etisnoop to tools
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@@ -84,6 +84,20 @@ The \mmbtools are composed of several software projects:
\mbox{ODR-AudioEnc}, \mbox{ODR-PadEnc}, and other scripts, bits and pieces
that are useful for the setup of a transmission chain.
+ \centering
+ \smartdiagram[bubble diagram]{
+ ODR-mmbTools,
+ ODR-DabMux,
+ ODR-DabMod,
+ ODR-PadEnc,
+ etisnoop,
+ ODR-AudioEnc
+ }
+ \caption{The family of ODR-mmbTools}
+ \label{fig:family_mmbTools}
ODR-DabMux implements a DAB multiplexer that combines all audio and data inputs
into an ETI output. It can be used off-line (i.e.~not real-time) to generate ETI
@@ -131,5 +145,16 @@ This encoder is able to generate programme associated data that can be injected
into ODR-AudioEnc. It supports DLS, reading from a file, and MOT Slideshow,
where the slides are read from a folder.
+Etisnoop is not used in the broadcasting chain directly, but is an analysis tool
+for ETI, described in the ETSI standard~\cite{etsidabeti}. ODR-DabMux can write
+an ETI file that can be analysed with etisnoop. The tool can be used to verify
+the multiplex signalling, the presence of data in the subchannels, and it can
+decode audio into files.
+Additionally, it can output statistics in YAML format, which is useful in
+combination with an RTLSDR receiver and the \verb+dab2eti+ tool to monitor
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