fldigi-kissattach connects to the TCP KISS server of fldigi and patches that up with the kernel in the same way kissattach connects a serial KISS TNC to the kernel.

This allows you to run TCP/IP over AX.25 over any modem fldigi supports.


This tool is written in Rust and needs a Rust compiler and the cargo package manager. Please go to http://rustup.rs to install this.

Then execute cargo build inside the folder where this README resides. The output binary will be written to ./target/debug/fldigi-kissattach.


fldigi-kissattach expects three arguments: callsign with SSID, ip:port to connect to fldigi, and mtu. You will need to run this as root, best with sudo

Example: sudo ./target/debug/fldigi-kissattach HB9EGM-1 120

I am unsure if having a corresponding entry in /etc/ax25/axports is required.


Parts of this code are taken from the ax25-tools, which are GPL-2.0. Other parts are MIT or Apache 2.0 licensed.

New code is Copyright 2018 Matthias P. Braendli, GPL-2.0-only