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+2016-01-03: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.4):
+ * dabplus-enc:
+ Add libvlc cache and gain (from the vlc audio compressor) options.
+ Fix a few minor issues seen by static analysis.
+ Allow input of mono WAV files.
+ * mot-encoder:
+ Do not add black border around images anymore.
+ Ensure JPEGs are not using progressive encoding and
+ strip useless metadata.
2015-10-01: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
* dabplus-enc:
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@@ -208,9 +208,9 @@ transmitted as PNG without any recompression.
RAW Format
-If ImageMagick is not available, or when enable with the -R option, the images
+If ImageMagick is not compiled in, or when enabled with the -R option, the images
are not modified, and are transmitted as-is. Use this if you can guarantee that
-the generated files are smaller than 50kB and exactly 320x240 pixels.
+the generated files are smaller than 50kB and not larger than 320x240 pixels.
Supported Encoders
@@ -240,6 +240,9 @@ must specify both --charset=0 and --raw-dls.
Known Limitations
+The gain option for libVLC enables the VLC audio compressor with default
+settings. This has more impact than just changing the volume of the audio.
*mot-encoder* encodes slides in a 10 second interval, which is not linked
to the rate at which the encoder reads the PAD data. It also doesn't prioritise
DLS transmission over Slides.
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dnl -*- Autoconf -*-
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
-AC_INIT([fdk-aac-dabplus], [0.7.3], [http://opendigitalradio.org/])
+AC_INIT([fdk-aac-dabplus], [0.7.4], [http://opendigitalradio.org/])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([tar-ustar foreign])