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* vlc works with bare aacpiratfm2013-12-141-0/+1
* Encoder 7.1 supportJean-Michel Trivi2013-09-032-23/+27
* Encoder explicit signalingJean-Michel Trivi2013-09-032-1/+14
* Decoder stability, sanity checks improvementsJean-Michel Trivi2013-08-272-1/+7
* Decode and SYS lib cleanupJean-Michel Trivi2013-08-205-17/+44
* Disclaimer update, lib version incrementJean-Michel Trivi2013-08-2017-19/+19
* Remove a bionic workaround.Elliott Hughes2012-11-292-6/+0
* Bug fixes in AAC decoder, AAC encoder, FDK libraryJean-Michel Trivi2012-09-093-1/+6
* Remove workaround in aac for broken toolchainIrina Tirdea2012-09-032-5/+0
* Only use __int64 on MSVC, not on all win32 compilersMartin Storsjo2012-07-121-1/+1
* Snapshot 2bda038c163298531d47394bc2c09e1409c5d0dbThe Android Open Source Project2012-07-1117-0/+4881