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ETISnoop analyser
-The ETSnoop analyser decodes and prints out a RAW ETI file in a
+The ETISnoop analyser decodes and prints out a RAW ETI file in a
form that makes analysis easier.
It can show information about the signalling, details about the FIGs,
@@ -28,3 +28,21 @@ This is a contribution by CSP.it, is now developed by opendigitalradio,
and is published under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 or later.
See LICENCE for more information.
+faadalyse can extract the audio from .dabp files created with ODR-AudioEnc,
+and is designed to do more in-depth analysis of the AAC encoding using a modified
+To install:
+download and extract faad2-2.7 to a folder of the same name, and configure and compile it.
+You can patch that faad library to display additional information you need.
+Do not run make install.
+Then run
+ make -f Makefile.faadalyse
+ ./faadalyse