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+ETISnoop analyser
+The ETSnoop analyser decodes and prints out a RAW ETI file in a
+form that makes analysis easier.
+It can show information about the signalling, details about the FIGs,
+and extract a DAB+ subchannel into a file.
+There is no configure script, only a simple Makefile. There are two
+ make etisnoop
+compiles the tool, dynamically linked against libfaad
+Or you can extract the sources for libfaad2-2.7 into a subfolder of the
+same name, configure it, and if required modify it. Then you can do
+ make etisnoop-static
+to compile a version of etisnoop compiled against your own copy of FAAD.
+This is a contribution by CSP.it, is now developed by opendigitalradio,
+and is published under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 or later.
+See LICENCE for more information.