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* Add possibility to set several user application types in FIG0/13Matthias P. Braendli2020-07-131-2/+2
* Move all FIG structures to cpp files, fix FIG0_21 rfaMatthias P. Braendli2017-04-221-352/+7
* WIP: Rework FIG0/21 definition and get FIC insertion to compileMatthias P. Braendli2017-04-201-0/+11
* Add FIG0/21 work in progressMatthias P. Braendli2017-04-091-1/+14
* Fix byte order in FIG0/6 structuresMatthias P. Braendli2016-10-031-8/+15
* Add some FIG0/6 structures and skeletonMatthias P. Braendli2016-09-301-0/+19
* Move FIG0 structures to separate fileMatthias P. Braendli2016-09-301-0/+347