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* Unify Socket abstractionsMatthias P. Braendli2019-05-281-1/+1
* Move TCPDataDispatcher into TcpSocketMatthias P. Braendli2019-05-061-126/+3
* Minor exception refactoring in DabOutputTCPMatthias P. Braendli2019-02-131-13/+4
* Replace boost::thread by std::thread in TCP OutputMatthias P. Braendli2018-02-221-7/+13
* TCP output: do not block in the destructor if one connection stallsMatthias P. Braendli2017-06-021-1/+11
* Print dabOutputTCP connection dropMatthias P. Braendli2016-11-071-0/+4
* Add const for the TCPConnection in remove_if lambdaMatthias P. Braendli2016-11-071-1/+1
* Do not use boost::optional for TcpSocketMatthias P. Braendli2016-11-051-3/+3
* Avoid manual pointer management of the TCPDataDispatcherMatthias P. Braendli2016-10-301-9/+1
* Catch runtime_error in TCPDataDispatcher threadMatthias P. Braendli2016-10-301-7/+13
* Fix TCP output display in startup summaryMatthias P. Braendli2016-10-101-0/+2
* Fix dabOutputTCP shutdown using accept() with timeoutMatthias P. Braendli2016-10-101-1/+6
* TCP out: properly interrupt the threadMatthias P. Braendli2016-09-261-1/+1
* Improve TCP output error displayMatthias P. Braendli2016-09-161-1/+8
* Drop SLIP, Refactor sockets, improve TCP outputMatthias P. Braendli2016-09-111-102/+148
* rename CRC-DabMux to ODR-DabMuxMatthias P. Braendli2014-02-071-4/+4
* replace all occurrencies of TcpLog and old etiLogMatthias P. Braendli2014-01-121-9/+9
* add support for ZeroMQ outputMatthias P. Braendli (think)2013-11-081-0/+25
* make dabOutput more object-orientedMatthias P. Braendli (think)2013-11-081-0/+154