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@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ An explanation on how to use the remote control is in *remote_control.txt*, and
*zmq_remote.py* illustrates how to control ODR-DabMux using the ZMQ remote
control interface.
-Two scripts are used for monitoring systems: *stats_dabmux_multi.py* for Munin,
+Two scripts are used for monitoring systems: *stats_dabmux_munin.py* for Munin,
and *retodrs.pl* for Xymon. You can use *show_dabmux_stats.py* to print the
statistics to console.
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# to munin. Expects Stats server on port 12720 and ZeroMQ RC
# on port 12722.
-# Copy this to /etc/munin/plugins/stats_dabmux_multi
+# Copy this to /etc/munin/plugins/stats_dabmux_munin
# and make it executable (chmod +x)
import sys