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This file contains information about the changes done to
the CRC-DabMux in this repository
-2014-01-32: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+2014-01-31: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r12):
+ * crc-dabmux:
+ Create new object-oriented abstraction for the
+ inputs, with a wrapper for all existing inputs
+ Adapt inputZMQ to the new internal interface
+ Add a telnet Remote Control interface
+2014-01-31: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
(tag r11):
* crc-dabmux:
Replace TCPLog by Logger that supports syslog
@@ -80,7 +88,7 @@ the CRC-DabMux in this repository
Copyright (C) 2010,2011 Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada
(Communications Research Center Canada)
-Copyright (C) 2013 Matthias P. Braendli, http://mpb.li
+Copyright (C) 2013,2014 Matthias P. Braendli, http://mpb.li
This file is part of CRC-DabMux.