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This file contains information about the changes done to
the ODR-DabMux in this repository
+2015-09-13: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.8.0):
+ Pad labels with spaces instead of terminating them with NUL.
+ Modify real-time priority.
+ Refactor big mux loop into separate function.
+ Add ability to read out full configuration tree in JSON.
+ Remove old command-line interface.
+ Fix EDI errors.
+ Replace TCP socket for Statistics and Management server by ZMQ
+ Start activities on a simple web GUI for monitoring and configuration.
+ Add new FIG carousel, not enabled by default.
+ Add utility to drive a FarSync card from a ZMQ ETI stream.
+ Improve FIG0/13 signalling (DG flag, CAOrg removal)
+ Add announcement support (FIG0/18 and 0/19)
2015-07-27: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
Fix segmentation fault in short label check logic.