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This file contains information about the changes done to
ODR-DabMux in this repository
+2020-04-15: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v3.1.0):
+ Initialise TIST on startup rounded to 24ms, as it was done before
+ v2.4.0 (see '5b1dea7').
+ Refresh TAI bulletin before it expires.
+ Set SO_REUSEADDR for TCP listening sockets (avoids some startup failures).
+ Add EDI input TIST delay setting, and improve EDI input stats and error handling.
+ Add FIG 0/7 and Alarm announcement support (Thanks to Mathias Kuntze).
+ Add startupcheck functionality to ODR-DabMux and ODR-ZMQ2EDI.
+ ZMQ2EDI will not quit anymore in case of input issues.
+ Handle FCT discontinuity in ZMQ2EDI, and display better statistics
+ which are usable by the new munin stats script doc/stats_zmq2edi_munin.py.
2019-10-30: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
Fix compilation on older systems (like debian jessie)