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+This file contains information about the changes done to
+ODR-DabMux in this repository
+2019-06-25: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.4.1):
+ Fix bug when odr-zmq2edi is used with more than one destination.
+2019-06-07: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.4.0):
+ Add timestamp offset setting, and fix bug due to UTCO offset
+ not being properly applied. See doc/TIMESTAMPS.rst for more
+ details.
+ Implement FIG2 labels.
+ Fix bug for DAB MP2 in EEP_A.
+ Fix FIG0/24 for DAB+ services.
+ ODR-ZMQ2EDI: fix MNSC endianness swap bug.
+ Pull some RC changes from ODR-DabMod.
+ Implement EDI-over-TCP output.
+2019-01-07: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.3.1):
+ Happy new year!
+ Fix TAI bulletin parsing on systems where long is 32 bit.
+ Add configurable URLs to download TAI clock bulletin and
+ rework the download logic.
+ Do not read TAI clock cache file from /tmp anymore, only
+ use /var/tmp.
+2018-10-30: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.3.0):
+ Correct FIG0/6 output for services with different ECC.
+ Add support for transmitting empty Linkage Sets.
+ Save leap-second cache to /var/tmp, which doesn't get
+ cleared across reboots.
+ Rework audio level measurement in the statistics server to
+ alleviate some timing-related issues.
+ odr-zmq2edi: Add option to drop late packets.
+2018-07-31: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.2.0):
+ Fix delays and FIG repetition burst on announcement switching.
+ Add support for services with different ECC (Signalled in FIG0/9).
+ Improve ODR-ZMQ2EDI statistics.
+2018-05-29: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.1.2):
+ A couple of internal changes and fixes for
+ compilation warnings.
+2018-03-27: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.1.1):
+ Fix segmentation fault in peak audio statistics
+ calculation.
+2018-03-23: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.1.0):
+ Add version string to management server.
+ Introduce slow audio peak statistic.
+ Avoid doing useless copies in the RAW output.
+2018-03-01: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v2.0.0):
+ Configuration file syntax changed for Frequency Information
+ and Other Services settings.
+ Statistics server changes: audio-level peak information is
+ measured over the last second, and not anymore since the last
+ request. Same for buffers, where min/max are measured over
+ thirty seconds.
+ Make nonblock available again for file inputs.
+2018-02-09: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.3.3):
+ Add dynamic/static PTy setting to configuration.
+ Add UTF-8 to EBU Latin character set converter for labels.
+ Show TAI bulletin expiration in RC.
+ Stop using SUBDIRS in automake, and build the executable in ./ and not
+ in ./src anymore.
+2018-01-23: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.3.2):
+ Add clock selection to RAW output.
+ zmq2edi: intentionnally crash after timeout.
+ Add command "state" to the monitoring interface and add to Munin
+ script.
+ Fix TAI bulletin download failure handling.
+ Improve portability for non-Linux POSIX systems, and improve
+ autoconf checks.
+ Default international-table to 1.
+2017-08-23: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.3.1):
+ Add retords.pl script for Xymon monitoring tool.
+ Add odr-zmq2edi tool, and add necessary metadata to
+ the ZMQ output of ODR-DabMux. The configuration file
+ was extended in a backward-compatible way. Handling
+ of the TAI clock subsystem has been adapted too.
+2017-06-30: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.3.0):
+ Add support for FIG0/24 to announce that a service is present
+ in another ensemble. This completes the implementation of all
+ service linking FIGs according to ETSI TS 103 176 Figure 1.
+ Allow EDI packet lengths up to 1400 bytes.
+ Add local cache for the leap second information downloaded from
+ IETF, remove download from USNO servers, as they don't give validity
+ information.
+2017-06-05: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.2.2):
+ Add support for FIG0/21 "Frequency Information".
+ Improve EDI fragment interleaver.
+ Avoid stalling the multiplexer when the TCP output is used.
+2017-01-29: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.2.1):
+ Bugfix for illegal memory access in EDI PFT layer.
+ Add experimental STI-D(PI, X)/RTP input.
+2017-01-24: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.2.0):
+ Remove the libfec dependency.
+ Adapt several FIGs to EN 300 401 V2.1.1.
+ Add FIG0/6 for service linking information.
+ Big overhaul of all inputs.
+ TCP output improvements, stability and handling of multiple
+ connections.
+ Fix ZeroMQ input encryption for MPEG inputs.
+ Rework PRBS source and describe it better.
+ Remove unused bridge, SLIP, Test and nonfunctional
+ DMB input.
+ Add fragment interleaver for the EDI output.
+ Fix important issue when both EDI and TIST are enabled.
+ Enable syslog logger earlier.
+2016-09-02: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.1.0):
+ Switch FIG0/10 to long form, the latest draft spec marks the
+ short form as legacy.
+ Add RC support for deferred triggering of announcements, see
+ doc/remote_control.txt
+2016-07-30: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v1.0.0):
+ Remove old carousel.
+ Fix FIGs 0/2 and 0/8 when data services present.
+ Fix parsing of TAI-UTC bulletin for EDI TIST.
+ ZeroMQ is now a mandatory dependency because of the ManagementServer.
+ Minor bugfixes and improvements.
+2016-03-26: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.9.0):
+ Enable new carousel by default.
+ Integrate munin script improvements.
+ EDI bugfix when many CU are used.
+ EDI: add support for PFT with FEC=0 (only fragmentation).
+ EDI: backward-incompatible configuration change.
+ EDI: transmit timestamp with TAI vs UTC correction (experimental).
+ Get compilation working under FreeBSD and OSX.
+ Add ability to specify source and TTL for UDP output.
+ Split example.mux into a simple and a more advanced example.
+2015-11-27: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.8.1):
+ Fix compilation with test input.
+ Add PTy to remote control.
+ Add EDI options to configuration file for multicast settings.
+2015-09-13: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.8.0):
+ Pad labels with spaces instead of terminating them with NUL.
+ Modify real-time priority.
+ Refactor big mux loop into separate function.
+ Add ability to read out full configuration tree in JSON.
+ Remove old command-line interface.
+ Fix EDI errors.
+ Replace TCP socket for Statistics and Management server by ZMQ
+ Start activities on a simple web GUI for monitoring and configuration.
+ Add new FIG carousel, not enabled by default.
+ Add utility to drive a FarSync card from a ZMQ ETI stream.
+ Improve FIG0/13 signalling (DG flag, CAOrg removal)
+ Add announcement support (FIG0/18 and 0/19)
+2015-07-27: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.5):
+ Fix segmentation fault in short label check logic.
+2015-07-03: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.4):
+ Allow empty component labels
+ Fix compilation with ZeroMQ 4.1.x
+2015-04-10: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.3):
+ Security: RC only listens on localhost.
+ Change FIG signalisation handling for User Application Type,
+ which has an impact on Slideshow.
+ -e parameter becomes optional.
+ Improve error messages and documentation.
+ Start some activities for a web-based GUI.
+2014-09-26: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.2):
+ Fix a memory leak with the ZMQ input.
+ Fix handling of timestamps when using ZMQ input.
+ Add the experimental EDI output.
+ Support new ZeroMQ frame format also for toolame-dab.
+ Update FarSync driver to latest version.
+ When used without configuration file, LTO defaults to auto,
+ TM defaults to 1.
+ Add protection profile option to configuration.
+2014-05-20: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.1):
+ This is a bugfix release, with a minor update
+ to the input state server.
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Fix -r command line option.
+ Correct internal allocation/deallocation mistakes.
+ Add "Silent" state to input states.
+ Little changes in munin graph script.
+2014-04-25: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.7.0):
+ This version supports a new ZeroMQ frame format. The
+ old format is still used by toolame-dab, and by
+ older versions of fdk-aac-dabplus, and will stay
+ supported.
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Add local-time-offset to remote control,
+ and support 'auto' setting in configuration file.
+ Update the munin script.
+ Support the new ZeroMQ framing format.
+ Support ZeroMQ CURVE authentication.
+ Make ZeroMQ buffering better configurable.
+ Include peak audio level in munin statistics.
+2014-04-04: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.6.0):
+ Adds support for MOT Slideshow and DLS,
+ compatible with mot-encoder from
+ fdk-aac-dabplus
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Add FIG0/13 signalling for MOT slideshow
+ Add local-time-offset and intl table options
+ Fix some unseen compilation warnings
+ Change ZMQ output format to guarantee frame
+ alignment (not backward compatible)
+2014-02-14: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.5.0):
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Service and component labels can now be changed on
+ the fly using the remote control.
+ ZMQ input buffer size can be changed using the RC.
+ Modify the RC 'list' command to simplify usage.
+ Clean up the startup configuration dump.
+ Added fault checking logic to RC that can restart
+ it in case of a failure.
+ Add doc/remote_control.txt
+2014-02-12: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.4.3):
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Add support for hexadecimal IDs in configuration file.
+ Add ZMQ input for toolame-dab.
+2014-02-11: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.4.2)
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Actually add zmq.hpp to Makefile.am
+ (v0.4.1)
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ Include zmq.hpp locally and prefer it over the
+ system one.
+ Fix wrong usage of zmq::socket_t.recv
+2014-02-07: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (v0.4.0)
+ * odr-dabmux:
+ CRC-DabMux renamed to ODR-DabMux
+ Version bump to 0.4.0
+2014-01-31: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r12):
+ * crc-dabmux:
+ Create new object-oriented abstraction for the
+ inputs, with a wrapper for all existing inputs
+ Adapt inputZMQ to the new internal interface
+ Add a telnet Remote Control interface
+2014-01-31: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r11):
+ * crc-dabmux:
+ Replace TCPLog by Logger that supports syslog
+ Add TCP statistics server
+ Make ZMQ input publish buffer statistics
+ Add Munin helper script to graph ZMQ input stats
+ Fix ZMQ include when inputzmq disabled
+2014-01-05: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r10):
+ * crc-dabmux:
+ Add ZeroMQ input, compatible with fdk-aac-dabplus-zmq
+ Replace CRC-DabMux-cfg with -e option
+2013-12-14: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r9):
+ * autotools:
+ Remove autogenerated files and add bootstrap
+ Fix faulty logic for --enable-output-zeromq
+ Update version generation for git
+2013-11-10: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r8):
+ * crc-dabmux:
+ Some configuration parsing and logging fixes.
+ Replaced the C-style function dispatching for the outputs
+ by C++ objects with inheritance.
+ Added support for ZeroMQ ETI output.
+ ZeroMQ dependency added in configure.ac
+ Versioning changed to make hg revision visible
+ Completed READMEs and INSTALLs
+2012-09-13: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r7):
+ * crc-dabmux/src/*:
+ Added shortlabel support to configuration file
+ Added Boost version check into autoconf
+2012-08-26: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r6):
+ * crc-dabmux/src/DabMux.h:
+ Added missing file DabMux.h
+2012-08-23: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tag r5):
+ * crc-dabmux/*:
+ Refactoring command line handling for crc-dabmux,
+ added configuration file parser including example.
+ When the program is called as CRC-DabMux-cfg, it reads
+ the Ensemble definition from a file rather than from
+ the command line. An example file is in doc/
+ DabMux now depends on Boost.
+2012-08-17: Matthias P. Braendli <matthias@mpb.li>
+ (tags r4, r3, r2 and r1 were relevant to crc-dabmod in the old repository)
+2011-05-24 Pascal Charest <pascal.charest@crc.ca>
+ * src/DabMux.cpp: Changed for more precise messages.
+ * src/DabMux.cpp: Added ECC support.
+ * src/dabInputFile.cpp: Removed unused macros, which solved unitialised bug.
+ * src/dabInputPacketFile.cpp: Removed unused macros, which solved unitialised bug.
+2010-08-23 Pascal Charest <pascal.charest@crc.ca>
+ * src/DabMux.cpp: Added UDP input for data subchannel (bug).
+2010-06-24 Pascal Charest <pascal.charest@crc.ca>
+ * src/DabMux.cpp: Added support for timestamp.
+2010-06-17 Pascal Charest <pascal.charest@crc.ca>
+ * src/DabMux.cpp: Solved FIC date bug.
+Copyright (C) 2010,2011 Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada
+(Communications Research Center Canada)
+Copyright (C) 2013,2014 Matthias P. Braendli, http://mpb.li
+This file is part of ODR-DabMux.
+ODR-DabMux is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
+it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
+published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
+License, or (at your option) any later version.
+ODR-DabMux is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+GNU General Public License for more details.
+You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+along with ODR-DabMux. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.