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Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Her Majesty
the Queen in Right of Canada (Communications Research Center Canada)
-Copyright (C) 2013, 2014
+Copyright (C) 2016
Matthias P. Braendli, http://mpb.li
This file is part of ODR-DabMux. ODR-DabMux is a fork of CRC-DabMux,
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@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ Features of ODR-DabMux:
- Monitoring using munin tool
- Includes a Telnet and ZMQ Remote Control for setting/getting parameters
- EDI output
+- Support for FarSync TE1 cards (G.703)
- Something that will one day become a nice GUI for configuration,
see gui/README.md
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See the files LICENCE and COPYING
+Contributions and Contact
+Contributions to this tool are welcome, you can reach users and developers
+through the CRC-mmbTools google group.
-You can reach users and developers through the CRC-mmbTools
-google group.
+There is a list of ideas and thoughts about new possible features and improvements
+in the TODO file.
Developed by:
@@ -56,6 +60,4 @@ Matthias P. Braendli *matthias [at] mpb [dot] li*
Pascal Charest *pascal [dot] charest [at] crc [dot] ca*
- http://opendigitalradio.org/
-- http://mmbtools.crc.ca/
-- http://mpb.li/
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+This TODO file lists ideas and features for future developments. They are
+more or less ordered according to their benefit, but that is subjective
+to some degree.
+Unless written, no activity has been started on the topics.
+EDI/STI-D Input
+Add support for EDI input, so that third-party encoders can be interfaced
+to the multiplexer. Relevant spec: ETSI TS 102 693
+It would be beneficial to write and EDI decoding library that can be re-used in
+ODR-DabMod to add EDI input there too.
+Initial work started in http://git.mpb.li/git/odr-edilib/
+Explicit Service Linking
+At the moment there is no support to signal explicit service linking.
+Implementing this needs a definition of how it should look like in the
+configuration file and in the remote control, and adding new FIGs to signal the
+necessary information.
+Inputs for packet data
+It is currently unclear what input formats and sources work for packet data,
+and which ones would make sense to add.
+Also, there is no documentation on the possibilites of packet data.
+Clarify usage of PTy
+We currently transmit dynamic PTy in FIG0/17 since it can be changed in
+through the remote control. Some receivers might not display the dynamic
+PTy, but only the static PTy. Clarify if we need to add both PTy variants
+to the configuration and the code.o
+Refactor inputs
+The input code is written in very C-like OOP, with structures of function
+pointers that do dynamic dispatch. Refactoring this to proper classes and
+documenting it properly will simplify the addition of new input formats,
+facilitate runtime configurability and clarify the usages of the inputs.
+Communicate Leap Seconds
+Actually, we're supposed to say in FIG0/10 when there is a UTC leap second
+upcoming, but since that's not trivial to find out because the POSIX time
+concept is totally unaware of that, this is not done. We need to know for EDI
+TIST, and the ClockTAI class can get the information from the Internet, but it
+is not used in FIG0/10.