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Update RC documentation with annoucement explanation
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> set comp-fb label Programme1,Programme
comp-fb short label Programme is too long (max 8 characters)
-In addition to adding more configurable features to the RC, it will
-be necessary to add the ability to set several parameters at once,
-That's already somewhat of an issue with the labels. (How do you set a label
-that contains a comma ? Right now you cannot.)
+Announcements can be triggered by the remote control in two ways. For a
+specific announcement, its active parameter can be toggled which will
+immediately signal it accordingly. Or the start time or stop time can be set to
+trigger signalling changes in the future.
+Direct setting:
+ > set my_announcement active 1
+ ok
+Deferred setting:
+The "start_in" and a "stop_in" parameters both accept a value in milliseconds.
+They can either be set, and when you read them back you will see the timeout go
+down to zero; or they can be "not set" if you never set them or if the timeout
+expired. It is also possible to set both "start_in" and "stop_in" to trigger
+both a start and stop in the future.
+The timeout expiry will then influence the "active" parameter internally, ensuring
+that the "active" parameter always represents the current state of the
+ > set my_announcement start_in 10000
+ ok
+ > show my_announcement
+ active: 0
+ start_in: 7313
+ stop_in: Not set
+ > show my_announcement
+ active: 0
+ start_in: 1244
+ stop_in: Not set
+ > show my_announcement
+ active: 1
+ start_in: Not set
+ stop_in: Not set