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Drop SLIP, Refactor sockets, improve TCP output
Quite a large refactoring of the sockets, TCP and UDP, in order to improve the ETI-over-TCP output. This can now accept several simultaneous connections, and requires a throttle. The SLIP input is gone. The UDP inputs are currently broken.
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@@ -153,10 +153,18 @@ outputs {
; Output RAW ETI NI to standard output
stdout "fifo:///dev/stdout?type=raw"
- ; ZeroMQ output example
+ ; ZeroMQ output example
+ ; This output does not back-pressure the multiplexer.
; Listen on all interfaces, on port 9100
;zmq "zmq+tcp://*:9100"
+ ; Output ETI-over-TCP. This is like piping a RAW ETI NI data stream
+ ; into a TCP socket, except that the output can handle simultaneous
+ ; connections.
+ ; means "listen on all interfaces"
+ ; This output does not back-pressure the multiplexer.
+ ;tcp "tcp://"
; Throttle output to real-time (one ETI frame every 24ms)
;throttle "simul://"
@@ -167,6 +175,7 @@ outputs {
; For an output to a pipe, the data consumer at the other end of the pipe
; will dictate the multiplexing rate to ODR-DabMux.
- ; If you use the zmq output, you must also enable a simul:// output!
+ ; If you use the zmq+tcp:// or the tcp:// output,
+ ; you must also enable a simul:// output!