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Implement a hash function to calculate FIG 0/7 Count field
This might not be strictly standards compliant, but it avoids having to save state across mux restarts and doesn't place the burden of incrementing the number on the operator.
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@@ -109,6 +109,17 @@ ensemble {
; or
;local-time-offset 1 ; in hours, supports half-hour offsets
+ ; The presence of reconfig-counter enables FIG0/7, which specifies that
+ ; the ensemble is compliant to EN 300 401 version 2.
+ ; You can either set a number which will be used for the Count field in FIG0/7,
+ ;reconfig-counter 23
+ ; or set
+ reconfig-counter hash
+ ; to let ODR-DabMux calculate a hash that depends on your multiplex configuration,
+ ; ensuring that when you change the configuration, the FIG 0/7 Count also changes
+ ;
+ ; Leave the option commented-out if you do not wish to transmit FIG 0/7.
; If you want to run your machine in UTC time, but still take advantage of the
; automatic calculation of the local time offset, set the environment variable TZ
; to your timezone (e.g. TZ=Europe/Rome) before you launch ODR-DabMux