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Rework timestamping
* Ensure MNSC and EDI carry the same timestamp * Rename `edi_tistoffset` to `tist_offset` * Remove conditional compilation of EDI output * Reset PPS so as to align ETI frames across mux restarts
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@@ -28,13 +28,13 @@ general {
writescca false
; Enable timestamp definition necessary for SFN
- ; This also enables time encoding using the MNSC.
+ ; This also enables time encoding using the MNSC and in EDI.
tist false
- ; On startup, EDI time is initialised to system time. If you want
+ ; On startup, the timestamp is initialised to system time. If you want
; to add an offset, uncomment the following line and give a number
; in seconds.
- ; tist_edioffset 0
+ ; tist_offset 0
; The management server is a simple TCP server that can present
; statistics data (buffers, overruns, underruns, etc)