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+Stats available through Management Server
+The management server makes statistics about the inputs available through a ZMQ request/reply socket.
+The `show_dabmux_stats.py` illustrates how to access this information.
+Meaning of values
+`max` and `min` indicate input buffer fullness in bytes.
+`under` and `over` count the number of buffer underruns and overruns.
+`audio L` and `audio R` show the maximum audio level in dBFS over the last 500ms.
+`peak L` and `audio R` show the max audio level in dBFS over the last 5 minutes.
+The audio levels are measured in the audio encoder and carried in the EDI
+`ODRa` TAG, or in the ZMQ metadata. Otherwise ODR-DabMux would have to decode
+all audio contributions to measure the audio level.
+`State` is either NoData, Unstable, Silence, Streaming.
+Unstable means that underruns or overruns have occurred in the previous 30 minutes.
+Silence means the stream is working, but audio levels are always below -50dBFS.
+`version` and `uptime` are fields directly coming from the contribution source,
+and are only supported for the EDI input. These are carried over EDI using custom
+TAG `ODRv` (see function `parse_odr_version_data` in `lib/edi/common.cpp`).