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Required dependencies:
+* A C++11 compiler
* Boost 1.48 or later
* ZeroMQ 4 or later
* (optional) cURL to download the TAI-UTC bulletin, needed for the EDI output.
-Simple install procedure using tarball release:
+Dependencies on Debian
-Install odr-dabmux
+On Debian you will need to install the following packages:
+build-essential, libzmq3-dev, libzmq3, automake, libtool, libboost-all-dev, libcurl4-openssl-dev
- % tar xjf odr-dabmux-x.y.z.tar.gz # Unpack the source
- % cd odr-dabmux-x.y.z # Change to the source directory
- % ./configure
- # Run the configure script
- % make # Build ODR-DabMux
- [ as root ]
- % make install # Install ODR-DabMux
+Dependencies on CentOS
-Nearly as simple install procedure using repository:
+In addition to the packages needed to install a compiler, install the packages:
+boost-devel libcurl-devel zeromq-devel
+Third-party RPM packages are maintained by RaBe, and are built by the
+[openSUSE Build Service](https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:radiorabe:dab).
+For questions regarding these packages, please get in touch with the maintainer of
+the [radio RaBe repository](https://github.com/radiorabe/).
+For openSUSE, mnhauke is maintaining packages, also built using
+Compile odr-dabmux
The *master* branch in the repository always points to the
latest release. If you are looking for a new feature or bug-fix
@@ -31,7 +38,9 @@ that did not yet make its way into a release, you can clone the
* Clone the git repository
* Switch to the *next* branch
* Bootstrap autotools: <pre>% ./bootstrap.sh</pre>
-* Then use ./configure as above
+* Run the configure script <pre>./configure</pre>
+* Build ODR-DabMux <pre>make</pre>
+* Install ODR-DabMux (as root) <pre>sudo make install</pre>
It is advised to run the bootstrap and configure steps again every
time you pull updates from the repository.
@@ -40,9 +49,9 @@ Develop on OSX and FreeBSD
If you want to develop on OSX platform install the necessary build tools
-with brew
+and dependencies with brew
- brew install automake boost
+ brew install boost zeromq automake curl
On FreeBSD, pkg installs all dependencies to /usr/local, but the build
tools will not search there by default. Set the following environment variables
@@ -52,12 +61,13 @@ before calling ./configure
-On both systems, raw output is not available.
+On both systems, RAW output is not available. Note that these systems
+are not tested regularly.
Advanced install procedure:
-The configure script can be launch with a variety of options, launch the
+The configure script can be launched with a variety of options, launch the
following command for a complete list:
% ./configure --help