BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
nextCommon aee1b27: Include cstring in ClockTai.cppMatthias P. Braendli3 weeks
masterPrepare v4.2.1Matthias P. Braendli2 months
ediPlace EDI output in #ifdefMatthias P. Braendli8 years
ooinputsTest for InputMpegFileMatthias P. Braendli9 years
v4.2.1dabmux-4.2.1.tar.gz  dabmux-4.2.1.tar.bz2  dabmux-4.2.1.zip  Matthias P. Braendli2 months
v4.2.0dabmux-4.2.0.tar.gz  dabmux-4.2.0.tar.bz2  dabmux-4.2.0.zip  Matthias P. Braendli2 months
v4.1.0dabmux-4.1.0.tar.gz  dabmux-4.1.0.tar.bz2  dabmux-4.1.0.zip  Matthias P. Braendli4 months
v4.0.0dabmux-4.0.0.tar.gz  dabmux-4.0.0.tar.bz2  dabmux-4.0.0.zip  Matthias P. Braendli13 months
v3.1.1dabmux-3.1.1.tar.gz  dabmux-3.1.1.tar.bz2  dabmux-3.1.1.zip  Matthias P. Braendli2 years
v3.1.0dabmux-3.1.0.tar.gz  dabmux-3.1.0.tar.bz2  dabmux-3.1.0.zip  Matthias P. Braendli2 years
v2.4.2dabmux-2.4.2.tar.gz  dabmux-2.4.2.tar.bz2  dabmux-2.4.2.zip  Matthias P. Braendli3 years
v3.0.1dabmux-3.0.1.tar.gz  dabmux-3.0.1.tar.bz2  dabmux-3.0.1.zip  Matthias P. Braendli3 years
v3.0.0dabmux-3.0.0.tar.gz  dabmux-3.0.0.tar.bz2  dabmux-3.0.0.zip  Matthias P. Braendli3 years
v2.4.1dabmux-2.4.1.tar.gz  dabmux-2.4.1.tar.bz2  dabmux-2.4.1.zip  Matthias P. Braendli3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-06-05Prepare v1.2.2v1.2.2Matthias P. Braendli5-5/+9
2017-06-02TCP output: do not block in the destructor if one connection stallsMatthias P. Braendli3-5/+34
2017-05-01Set correct repetition rate for FIG0/21Matthias P. Braendli1-1/+1
2017-05-01Remove FIG0/21 debug messagesMatthias P. Braendli1-1/+1
2017-05-01Fix FIG0/21 insertionMatthias P. Braendli2-26/+54
2017-04-22Correct order of length indicator in FIG0_21 headerMatthias P. Braendli1-1/+1
2017-04-22Replace 'all rights reserved' by a mention of the licenceMatthias P. Braendli2-3/+7
2017-04-22Move all FIG structures to cpp files, fix FIG0_21 rfaMatthias P. Braendli29-386/+387
2017-04-20WIP: Correct calculation of FIG0/21 required sizeMatthias P. Braendli2-28/+27
2017-04-20WIP: Rework FIG0/21 definition and get FIC insertion to compileMatthias P. Braendli11-192/+410