ODR-mmbTools scripts for 24/7 operation

version : 2016-10-07


You need to have a working ODR-DabMux, ODR-DabMod, ODR-AudioEnc, ODR-PadEnc and/or Toolame-DAB configuration to use these scripts. Also supervisor is needed. (apt-get install supervisor)

The tools are expected to be installed in their usual place in /usr/local.

Folder Structure

The 'config' folder contains all needed configuration file and needed to be moved into /home/odr/ folder.

  • config/mod.conf : contains ODR-DabMod configuration
  • config/mux.conf : contains ODR-DabMux configuration
  • config/supervisor/ : contains all supervisor configuration files
  • config/mot/ : contains all dls and slide files. You need to create fifo with mkfifo for each radio (e.g. mkfifo /home/odr/config/mot/f3.pad)

About Audio and PAD Encoders

The encoder (ODR-AudioEnc or toolame-dab) writes ICY-Text into a text file. You need to create this file at first for each radio : * touch /home/odr/config/mot/f3.txt

ODR-PadEnc reads ICY-Text information from previous text file and writes into the pad file. This pad file need to be a FIFO and you need to create it for each radio : * mkfifo /home/odr/config/mot/f3.pad

If you use Slide Show, you can put your images into the directory under mot folder corresponding to the radio (example: /home/odr/config/mot/f3/)

About Supervisor

You need to create sym link into /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ for each radio configuration file and call supervisorctl to reread and update configuration. Please refer to the official supervisor documentation for details.

Example : * sudo ln -s /home/odr/config/supervisor/f3.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/f3.conf * sudo supervisorctl reread * sudo supervisorctl update

All services are launched from supervisor.

To show status of all services : * sudo supervisorctl status

To [stop|start|restart] a service : * sudo supervisorctl [stop|start|restart] service-name

To apply change after change anything in /home/odr/config/supervisor/ file you need to call supervisor to reread and update configuration. * sudo supervisorctl reread * sudo supervisorctl update

Supervisor redirects all logs from the tools to files in /var/log/supervisor/ You may need to ensure yourself that this directory exists. The logs will get rotated according to the policy defined by your distribution. More details in the child logging section of the documentation.