The ODR-SourceCompanion is a tool used to connect audio encoders to ODR-DabMux through its EDI and ZeroMQ interfaces.

For detailed usage, see the usage screen of the tool with the -h option.

ODR-SourceCompanion v1 is compatible with ODR-PadEnc v3.

More information is available on the Opendigitalradio wiki

How to build


  • A C++11 compiler
  • ZeroMQ 4.0.4 or more recent
  • fdk-aac

This package:

sudo make install

How to use

We assume that you have a ODR-DabMux configured for an EDI input on port 9000.

Also, assuming you have an AVT encoder on the IP address and ODR-PadEnc with identifier my_programme

odr-sourcecompanion -c 2 -b 80 -r 48000 --sbr -p 32 -P my_programme --pad-port=9405 \
--input-uri=udp://:32010 --control-uri=udp:// --jitter-size=80 \
-e tcp://yourserver:9000