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ODR-PadEnc is an encoder for Programme Associated Data (PAD) and includes
support for:
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How to build
* a C++11 compiler
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Usage of MOT Slideshow and DLS
+Basic example
`odr-padenc` reads images from the specified folder, and generates the PAD
data for the encoder. This is communicated through a socket to the encoder. It
also reads DLS from a file, and includes this information in the PAD.
+PAD length is specified in the audio encoder and must not be set on the `odr-padenc` command line.
+Basic example with both DLS taken from the file *dls.txt* and MOT Slideshow carousel with slides from the *slides* folder.
+This assumes the common identifier between audio encoder and ODR-PadEnc is defined in the *IDENTIFIER* environment
+ odr-padenc -o $IDENTIFIER -t dls.txt -d ./slides
+If you generate slides on-the-fly (e.g. content-related slides with album covers), set the `--erase` flag to ensure a
+slide is only transmitted once, and set `--sleep=0` to start slide transmission as soon as the file is created.
If ImageMagick is available
It can read all file formats supported by ImageMagick, and by default resizes
@@ -75,8 +85,7 @@ Supported Encoders
`odr-audioenc` and `odr-sourcecompanion` can insert the PAD data from `odr-padenc` into the bitstream.
-This is an ongoing development. Only some PAD lengths are supported,
-please see `odr-padenc`'s help.
+This is an ongoing development. Only some PAD lengths are supported, please see `odr-padenc`'s help.
ODR-PadEnc v2 is compatible with ODR-AudioEnc v2 and ODR-SourceCompanion v0.x, and uses a fifo to communicate between
the tools.
@@ -106,6 +115,5 @@ size limit given in the specification.
This encoder was initially called `mot-encoder` and has been contributed by