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+Sometimes you want to carry EDI over the Internet to a device that doesn't
+support EDI/TCP. Carrying EDI/UDP over the Internet will not work because of
+burst packet loss, and EDI resend is not implemented.
+With ODR-EDI2EDI, you can convert EDI/TCP to EDI/UDP on a small PC that is
+close to your device. It also allows you buffer the EDI and release it at a
+controlled point in time depending on the in-band timestamp.
+You can also fan-out an EDI data stream to several destinations.
+This tool can be considered to be the successor of ODR-ZMQ2EDI which is
+distributed as a part of ODR-DabMux.
+Requirements: A C++11 compiler, autotools (debian: `build-essential automake libtool`)
+ ./bootstrap.sh
+ ./configure
+ make
+ sudo make install